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The Soul Alchemy Certification is an intensive training to prepare therapists, life coaches, and soul guides to take clients on a deep healing spiritual journey.

Alchemy means to change one thing into another.

We’re transforming fear into love. ❤️

I created it to combine your personal healing with training in how to guide a client on their deep healing journey.  

I intentionally chose to provide a rigorous program of educational and growth opportunities spread over two years for you to practice and integrate what you learn until you feel confident in your skills. This is a deep and intensive training because we are creating sustainable changes, true evolution of the heart and soul.  To truly evolve, there is no more important place to look than into our own hearts.

It’s taught in three levels: 

1. Exploration of Self

A full course that walks you through the healing process yourself so you can become familiar with all the steps, the language, the anatomy of the soul journey, and most importantly, the experience of exploring your Self. You can only take others as far as you’ve gone yourself. Self-growth is a fundamental aspect of the Soul Alchemy Certification program, and will be intertwined throughout the next two levels as well.
This level is available as a separate course. Click here to learn more about it.

2. Foundations of Soul Alchemy

Here, you’ll learn how to create a safe container for the client, basic considerations about ethics and the client/practitioner relationship, how to provide helpful guidance during a session, and the steps of the Deep Dive. The Deep Dive is the process of taking a client deep into their internal wisdom, helping them navigate their inner world, and transforming the darkness into light. 

3. Mastery of Soul Alchemy

Next we’ll dig deeper into the ethical considerations specific to this intimate work, the complexities of the client/practitioner relationship, relationship dynamics, and how to navigate the Deep Dive when things don’t go as expected. By the end, my intention is for you to confidently navigate the darkness no matter what comes up. 

It is imperative when doing this work with others that we practice holding unconditional acceptance, as our growth and our clients’ growth will be dependent on it. This training incorporates self-exploration and healing to address any judgments, expectations, and conditioning that is our own soul evolutionary work.

As we learn more about who we truly are, we are better able to lead our clients into themselves, holding the loving space they need to heal and transform.

We’ll do the deep dives together, holding loving space for one another, and you’ll receive the training necessary to take your clients into their depths, and up into their Light.

This training is for you if ...

you're a therapist, hypnotherapist, life coach or soul guide or want to become one

you desire to take your clients deeper into themselves to find and heal the origin of their issues

you are on your own healing journey and want to help others do the same, even if you haven’t started practicing yet

you are committed to your own growth

you feel passionately drawn to this deep work and helping to raise the vibration of the planet

Are you ready to invest in yourself as a practitioner, in your clients, and in humanity?

 The cost is offered in two payment options:  


Pay in full Discount


For 24 months: $10,800

I'm ready
The work we do - in their words..

She is kind, gentle, and passionate, reflected in the work she does.

I've done hypnotherapy before, and the way Annie approaches it is like a balm to my raw nervous system. She takes the time to listen, to understand the emotions and beliefs driving the issue and to include you in the healing process. She is kind, gentle, and passionate, reflected in the work she does. Instead of pushing to uncover the deeper problem, which would leave me feeling depleted, she guided me through it almost effortlessly. Highly, highly recommend.

Kayla Hartly

Before I started working with Annie, I was feeling overwhelmed, sad, and defeated.

Annie knows what she’s doing, so I was able to relax enough to let her guide me. I feel a sense of purpose now. Thank you for helping me get my life back, Annie!”

Sarah Dettman

Read Sarah’s full testimonial and other stories of transformation.

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Would you like to help your clients align with their soul’s purpose?

To effectively guide them  on their deep healing, spiritual journeys? 

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The inaugural class which begins in April 2024, is full. We will be starting a new cohort every few months. You can save yourself a spot in the next class by placing yourself on the waitlist here.