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All my work allows you to know and heal yourself–so you can know and heal others, even if just by being you!  My unique methodologies support your inner evolution, rooted in four pillars:

Soul Evolution


Relationship Dynamics

Guiding a Client

“Your own Self-Realization is the greatest service you can render the world.”

Ramana Maharshi

Soul Journey

a package of private sessions

Feeling a bit foggy, overwhelmed, or out of sync with your soul's purpose? If you sense there's more to life but are unsure how to navigate towards it, consider embarking on The Soul Journey—a series of sessions intentionally crafted to lead you from where you are to where you want to go.

All the answers you seek already lie within you, and my role is to guide you into the depths of self-discovery. Together, we'll connect with your inner wisdom, make peace with discomfort, and explore more of who you are truly meant to be.

Your body holds the wisdom of your soul and knows exactly what you need to know and experience to heal. I'll guide you deep into yourself to listen to your body,  tune into your emotions, and illuminate the radiance of your authentic nature. 

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“My session was amazing! It allowed me to let go of things I was hanging on to for many many years. Now months after my session, I haven’t thought of those people or situations since! Thank you for freeing me, Annie! 🤍

Jean Sutton

Exploration of Self

A self-paced online course

Would you like a self-paced course to walk you through the steps of exploring your inner world?

In this online course, we start with the Creation Story, because that’s where our story begins. We’ll address each of the four pillars of my work that relate to Self, moving from your inner world to the expansive–and ever expanding–connections all around you. 

These are the tried and true steps based on my own inner work and that of my clients. I walk you through each leg of the journey with carefully curated lessons, and take you into the energy of your inner world beyond your conscious awareness with guided meditations and exercises..

There is no end to what we can be, how we can feel, and how much connection we can have in our relationships. If you’d like to discover more, and explore at your own pace, my online course, Exploration of Self, was made for you.

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“I’m doing great.  I still am enjoying the effects of our session. It's a life changer. I hope that you can help many more people as you did me. I wish you all this success in the world. I think that you are here at this time for a very special reason.”

Doris Gunnels

Soul Alchemy Certification

An intensive program & training

Are you a therapist, life coach, or soul guide who wants to bring spirituality into your practice and cultivate a deeper level of healing for your clients?

If you’re committed to your own deep healing journey and you’d like to guide others on theirs, this training is for you. 

Many of my clients are in the business of helping others heal. After their sessions, many have asked me to teach them what I just did. That’s a great idea–because it’s time for humanity to evolve. 

Each person who connects with the transformational power of their heart creates a ripple effect.

Let's make waves!

“The time I spent with you was so helpful to me Annie! I had always had a very strong spiritual connection, until I was diagnosed with stage 4 COPD and told I probably only had two years to live. 

You helped me get past all the chatter in my head and re-establish that connection. It was through that connection that I decided I was going to heal and was not going to die just because some doctor said I was. I am now a year past that two-year timeline. I've been out of hospice for three months and I'm healthier and happier than I was when I was diagnosed. Thank you so much for your help! You're an amazing woman.”

Jan DeHaven

Wild Woman Retreat

a restorative, soul-aligning experience

Is your heart calling to you? Are you longing to reconnect with the feminine wildness that lives within?

Set within the nourishing energy of nature, my retreats provide the reprieve you need from the busy world we live in, to be with yourself and like-minded others, to rest, restore, and expand. 

Your heart holds all the wisdom you need to create a life of ease and joy. We’ll explore the inner space of the heart together, intermingled with time for quiet reflection, community, exploration of the retreat location, and Wild Woman dance parties.

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"This has been an amazing experience! I'm a different person than I was before I came. I'm so grateful to you and your healing, Annie!! Thank you for using your gifts for us to receive!"

Mindy S. de Chardin

Hi love, I’m Annie

Years of my own growth have brought me here

 I used to live like many do, lost, fearful, slumped over by the weight of my problems. A single moment of introspection changed the course of my life–and invited in the series of synchronicities, deep healings, profound teachings, and learnings that have made me into me, your devoted guide.

Want to know if I'm the right guide for you?

This is what I stand for:


True Self Expression

My guiding principle in my life and work is that we are souls on this earth meant to express ourselves authentically. My job is to help you be more of YOU! To get my agenda out of the way, I ask questions rather than give advice. My ultimate goal is to help you connect with your own internal wisdom. 


My focus is on the MAGIC of connecting you with the wisdom of your body and heart. We can learn a lot from talking, but my favorite part of my sessions is when I say, “Close your eyes and feel into that.” What you find can blow your mind. We are so much more than we think we are!

We Journey Together

I am committed to doing my own inner work so I can be as clear a channel as possible. There is no arrival; I’m still human and we humans are in a constant state of change and growth. I am accountable to my journey of lessons in judgment, attachments, resistance, etc. This is an essential part of creating a safe container for this work.

My gift for you: 

Connect with the Light Meditation

As light beings in human form, we are made of the light and of the earth. We naturally resonate with the powerful energies from which we came… and when we connect with them, our cells awaken. Experience more of what you can be.

"My husband and I have been listening to Annie's meditation before bed every night for a while. When we miss it, we feel it. We feel centered and more compassionate when we listen." ~Wendy Moore

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