Exploration of Self


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Would you like a self-paced course to walk you through the steps of exploring your inner world?

Exploration of Self is made up of 14 modules that build on one another. We start with the Creation Story, because that is where our story begins. Through this story, we learn who we are, why we’re here, why we suffer, and how to heal. 

Experiential lessons bring to life the three pillars of my work that apply to Self: 

Soul Evolution

What it means to be a soul in a human experience

Self Regulation

Empowering ourselves to create a life of intention

Relationship Dynamics

Using relationships to advance our spiritual evolution

I’ll explain each lesson, then use guided meditations and exercises to take you into the energy of them, to embody them experientially.

My personal journey and guiding hundreds of curious souls have taught me these steps that map out the journey to deep healing and opening to the infinite possibilities of your true nature. 

Exploration of Self is available to anyone who is ready to dive into their healing at their own pace.
It also serves as Level 1 of the Soul Alchemy Certification.

What more is possible for you? 

The more open you are, the further you can take yourself.  I’ll guide you, if you’re ready.  


*Use Promo code: KNOWTHYSELF

The work we do - in their words..

Her kind heart and calm spirit create so much trust

Annie’s intelligent guidance and intuitive ability to know which questions to ask serves as the perfect catalyst to engage my own inner wisdom. She helps me to help myself, which is important to me. 

Wendy Moore

Zendy Wendy of Elevate & Create Retreats

The lessons were both uniquely mine and also connected to the wisdom of the universe

Moving into a new chapter of my life, everything was “fine”, but I wanted to be more intentional about living into the profound possibilities that could be opening.  What I am most grateful for is that you didn’t ‘teach’ me what was next, you allowed it to unfold by coaching my own ability to connect to truth.  This way the lessons were both uniquely mine and also connected to the wisdom of the universe.  You also gave me tools to birth future possibilities that I joyfully look forward to discovering!

Aviva Segall

Frequently Asked Questions 

A caution:  It is important that you feel safe when you explore your emotions and question your beliefs.  Some people have buried their true expression so deep because somewhere along the line, they learned that it is unsafe to feel and step outside their comfort zone.  If you question whether you feel safe to do this work, I  ask that you be responsible to garner the support you need to do this work in a loving container. Make sure you have supportive people around you, and/or the tools you need to feel safe as you step outside your comfort zone. I will provide you tools and support along the way, but I ask that you be mindful of your unique perspective.  

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