Deep Healing. Clarity. Freedom.

Annie walks in a green field towards you.

Hi there, I'm Annie

I empower visionaries, light-bringers, and soul healers to bring more of their transformational light to the world. 

Together, we’ll navigate your inner world to transform limits into liberation, setting you free to express all of who you are truly meant to be.

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It’s time for humanity to take an evolutionary leap.

I’m here to guide those who are ready. As spiritual beings in human form, everything we need already exists within us. But we only know what we know, and there is  SO MUCH MORE!  By uncovering what is hidden beneath the surface of conscious awareness, we shine light on the darkness, revealing the treasure of your unique soul expression. 

Open to more of who you are truly meant to be!  

Within your heart is the space where all hearts meet.

Here we are connected to one another, and to the source of all Life.

When we work together, I help you open your heart, embrace new possibilities, and  step forward as the radiant spirit you are destined to be–connected to the Earth and rooted in your inner knowing. 

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Annie smiles, seated.

Are you hearing the call to join me? 

These days–filled with rapid change in our inner and outer worlds–it can be hard to cut through all the noise and listen to that quiet voice within. But now, more than ever before, we must slow down and listen, remembering our radiant selves and the true gifts that can only come from within. 

I’m here to guide you through your process of remembering. Would you like to clear the cobwebs out of your life so you can see clearly? Would you like to finally tell more truth than you have ever told before, to set yourself free? 

What more can you be? Come explore so much more of who you are, on a private Soul Journey with me as your guide. 


Want to work on your own, at your own pace? I have created an online course to walk you through the steps of Exploration of Self.


Are you a therapist, life coach, or soul guide committed to your deep healing and you’d like to learn to take your clients on a transformational, spiritual journey?  Join us in the Soul Alchemy Certification program, enrolling now.


Would you like to gift yourself an inspiring, soul-aligning retreat in a beautiful location within nature’s embrace? Escape the hustle and treat yourself to a transformative journey of self-discovery and rejuvenation!

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Through my private sessions and online courses, I guide: 



You know there is so much more to be and experience, but you need help navigating the journey ahead.


You know you’re here to bring more love to the world, but the path is unclear and may seem unattainable.

Soul Healers 

You’re committed to your own deep healing and want to learn to guide others on their spiritual healing journey.

That’s me–and I want to know more!

Hi love, I’m Annie

Years of my own growth have brought me here.

 I used to live like many do, lost, fearful, slumped over by the weight of my problems. A single moment of introspection changed the course of my life–and invited in the series of synchronicities, deep healings, profound teachings, and learnings that have made me into me, your devoted guide.

Let’s get to know each other better

My gift for you: 

Connect with the Light Meditation

As light beings in human form, we are made of the light and of the earth. We naturally resonate with the powerful energies from which we came… and when we connect with them, our cells awaken. Experience more of what you can be.

"This meditation is superb. It is relaxing and energizing at the same time." - Katie Bekkering

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Hands together at heart center, Annie invites you to download her meditation.

I invite you to step forward… we change ourselves and the world. It’s time for us to rise, to heal our hearts, to return to a state of harmony. I am here to help facilitate the evolution of humanity… and you are, too.  Our journey into the heart of YOU will change everything. Saying YES to yourself is a powerful statement to the Universe. As soon as you do, your reality will shift to support your transformation. I am honored to be your guide.

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