Stories of Transformation

I can't express ENOUGH, what kind of clarity Annie's work has given me.

Whether it was a guided hypnosis experience or a pre-session conversation, her ability to selflessly assess whatever you're going through and respond with a grounded understanding and most importantly, an ACTION PLAN to move forward with. I always left her sessions feeling more confident and free.  She's flexible and takes such situational consideration for every client.  I know this because I've referred multiple friends to her that thank me for doing so." -Cienna Salerno

Cienna Salerno

Her skill, kind love, openness & talent reframed key perceptions in a way that clicked in for me.

“Annie understood and easily entrained with my energy.  We played off one another, weaving our experiences and insights & came to some strong answers for my questions.  Her skill, kind love, openness & talent reframed key perceptions in a way that clicked in for me. When I left, there was a sense of wholeness & a cherry on top of an ice cream sundae!  And after our work together, my daily headaches (that happened for all the women in my maternal lineage, at the same time of day and location) are gone. I no longer have them, and they are less intense for my mom and sisters, too.”

Sue McCollough

Annie knows what she’s doing, so I was able to relax enough to let her guide me.

“Before I started my Soul Journey with Annie, I was feeling overwhelmed, sad, and defeated. I was dismissing my children, making excuses, controlling, and giving in to pushy people. As soon as I heard about Annie, I knew I was going to sign up with her. I felt it. She has a calm presence as she gently directs the session and asks all the right questions. I didn’t know if I could let go enough to let her guide me in the hypnosis session, but I relaxed into it because Annie knows what she’s doing, so I was able to relax enough to let her guide me. I had no idea that what came up in my sessions was even an issue, but addressing the trauma related to my dogs’ passing led me to my relationship with my dad. Releasing that guilt and building connection with my dad flowed into how I addressed my children with presence and compassion. How else was I ever going to know that?! I realized that qualities others told me were weaknesses are actually my greatest strengths. Kindness, with firm boundaries, is a strength!  I feel a sense of purpose now.  Annie made it easy with her calm and confident approach. Thank you for helping me get my life back, Annie!

Sarah Dettman

I can speak freely now and be myself; the anxiety is gone… It’s insane how different I feel.

“I had been to therapists who didn’t know how to help me. I was unfulfilled, lost, and felt like I was crazy because I didn’t fit into anyone’s expectations. I was doing things to prove myself, to make people see me… Annie helped me feel empowered and excited about life… I now know how to come back to center. I connect with Mother Earth, taking action to help her, feeling connected to spirit this way. I sit and listen to the trees and hear God talking to me. I can speak freely now and be myself; the anxiety is gone...It's insane how different I feel. I want to help heal others, but I know I can’t heal anyone unless I heal myself. Some in the spiritual community who are into crystals and tarot aren’t doing their healing. It’s a culture. They know there’s more out there, but they’re not really connecting with it in their hearts, so it’s superficial. I love my connection with the Earth, Mother Nature, the trees, and people. What Annie is doing really works! She is a wonderful healer!” 

Tabbie Contreras

Working with Annie is deeply cleansing and healing.

"Her intelligent guidance and intuitive ability to know which questions to ask serves as the perfect catalyst to engage my own inner wisdom. She helps me to help myself, which is important to me. Beyond her top level skill, her kind heart and calm spirit create so much trust! My sessions with Annie are welcomed and valued  components of my evolution.”

Wendy Moore

Zendy Wendy of Elevate & Create Retreats

You gave me tools to birth future possibilities that I joyfully look forward to discovering.

“Moving into a new chapter of my life, everything was “fine”, but I wanted to be more intentional about living into the profound possibilities that could be opening.  What I am most grateful for is that you didn’t ‘teach’ me what was next, you allowed it to unfold by coaching my own ability to connect to truth.  This way the lessons were both uniquely mine and also connected to the wisdom of the universe.  You also gave me tools to birth future possibilities that I joyfully look forward to discovering!”

Aviva Segall

A Case Study: Anne’s Transformation

 I would like to share Anne’s story. A precious soul who lost her husband a few months prior to our fated encounter at my conference booth. We connected immediately, and she began her healing journey not only addressing grief, but her internal compass as nothing seemed clear and in her words she was “lost.” On our calls, her children made a periodic appearance and her stressed, exhausted tone took over. Anne acknowledged this was the norm as she carried the burden of her full-time job, raising three children, and running the household. Her feelings of sadness, anger, and guilt made it hard to show up as the mother she wanted to be. Her fears would grip her, and the “what ifs” created a downward spiral she didn’t know how to stop.

We started with a focus on her current state of mind and goals pointing to where she wanted to go: she desired clarity around the impact of grief and trauma in her life and relationships. Anne clearly wanted balance in work and life, to feel peace and grace, and to cultivate patient, compassionate communication with her children. 

During our regular sessions, Anne was open and willing to question herself. As she discussed what was going on in her life, we took a deeper look at her triggers. We traced the feelings back, uncovering unaddressed issues in her childhood, stemming from dynamics between herself and her parents, specifically her father. We discovered the repressed emotions shaping untrue beliefs about herself and the world. You could feel the relief in her breath when she realized how much she suppressed her true expression, her voice. We transitioned from grief to family interactions, as it is common to uncover more as the inward healing navigation ensues.

I can’t tell you how many times she referred to her “idiot father,” which was the only label given as our sessions continued. It was a strained relationship to say the least. He tried to apologize for his past behaviors, but this wasn’t an action she was open to, let alone engage in conversation without angry tolerance. He continued to be present on the outskirts of Anne’s visits back home, and only because her mom encouraged his presence. However, I saw a shift in Anne’s perspective as she became open to more interaction in their relationship over time. Anne’s attention to the pain surrounding her father allowed her to understand what forgiveness meant. At one point she let him help fix things around her house, including building a shed, and she let him interact on a more regular basis with her children, his grandchildren.

Anne is a learner. She’s open and curious to know what more she can be and do. She tackles fears head on now, as to not hold her hostage or incapable of moving forward. She is authentic, vibrant, and aligned with her purpose to spread love and joy to those she interacts with. The growth Anne has recognized is tremendous, cultivating grace in her communication at work, elevating her impact as an HR Director. The joy she exudes is captivating. She has allowed her own grieving to happen and intentionally assisted her children in their grieving process at the same time, and today they are a happy, thriving family. 

Anne put in the work, taking action to apply a change in her mindset, therefore accomplishing her goals, and the story gets even better than that! She did something all of us can do, but most of us don’t. She didn’t set out to create a heartfelt, loving relationship with her father, but it happened. With her focus on clarity and understanding how to use her voice, we watched her heart open to expressing authentic, graceful truth at every turn, and Anne continued her journey to heal their relationship. Even as she considered the possibilities of knowing him in a new way, no one could have predicted this miracle healing.

An amazing, magical transformation is taking place before our eyes, and Anne now calls him Dad. You never know what someone’s been through, and just like Anne I’ve witnessed the difficulty many have in a culture where secrets are kept, truth is discouraged, and emotions are dismissed. It seems we are heavily disconnected from ourselves and one another, the earth, and our Creator. It’s no wonder we are lost and confused. 

Anne did what all of us could do if we choose to. She healed herself, instead of focusing on all the “bad” things that happened to her, and what everyone else was doing or thinking, she went inward to care for her inner child. She clarified her purpose, showing up with authenticity, grace, and joy. She has single-handedly created a magical transformation between her and her dad, alchemizing generations of trauma. 

If we all do the same work, look into our own hearts to heal rather than trying to control the external world, magic happens. I encourage everyone to be open to it. Anne’s story can be everyone’s story. She connected with the infinite potential for healing and transformation within her heart, and when you do that, there is no end to what we can become. I love the question, “What more is possible?”  ✨

Before our work together After our work together


Fogginess Clarity

Hopeless → Empowerment

Lost Know Your Center

Anxious Calm

Depressed Engaged with Life

Tension in Relationships Building Heart Connection

Stuck Moving Forward, Aligned With Purpose 

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