Soul Journey

Ready to know what’s deep inside, waiting to be born?

Want to experience more than you thought was possible?

I’ll guide you into the magic of your inner world, beyond your conscious awareness, into your body and emotions, where the infinite wisdom of your soul is waiting for you. 

In the secure container of the 1:1 Soul Journey, you and I will take each step together, from where you are, to where you want to be.  

“I had no idea!” is a phrase I hear from almost every client, when we connect with this wisdom together.

As infinite beings… truly ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

The Soul Journey

1 Intake & Goal Setting Session (2 hours)

3 Soul Alchemy Sessions (2 hours each)

3 Clarity Sessions (1 hour each)

Guidance between sessions

Homework exercises


*Bonus 1 hour Clarity Session for signing the same day as the Discovery Call

The Soul Journey Experience - in their words..

I can't express ENOUGH, what kind of clarity Annie's work has given me. 

I always left her sessions feeling more confident and free.  She's flexible and takes such situational consideration for every client.  I know this because I've referred multiple friends to her that thank me for doing so.

Cienna Salerno

I feel so good and I am getting happier everyday

Annie I just wanted to let you know that since I have seen you things have really changed for me. I am not angry, I'm really not upset about anything, whatever happened in that room that day took so much away for me. I feel so good and I am getting happier everyday.

Doris Gunnels

Are you ready to explore what awaits you?

Let me guide you to the freedom that already exists within you. 


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Frequently Asked Questions 

Want to know if I'm the right guide for you?

This is what I stand for:


True Self Expression

My guiding principle in my life and work is that we are souls on this earth meant to express ourselves authentically. My job is to help you be more of YOU! To get my agenda out of the way, I ask questions rather than give advice. My ultimate goal is to help you connect with your own internal wisdom. 


My focus is on the MAGIC of connecting you with the wisdom of your body and heart. We can learn a lot from talking, but my favorite part of my sessions is when I say, “Close your eyes and feel into that.” What you find can blow your mind. We are so much more than we think we are!

We Journey Together

I am committed to doing my own inner work so I can be as clear a channel as possible. There is no arrival; I’m still human and we humans are in a constant state of change and growth. I am accountable to my journey of lessons in judgment, attachments, resistance, etc. This is an essential part of creating a safe container for this work.

I want to work with you!