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Everything you need to know to begin your journey of self-transformation with Annie's support.

A Greeting From Annie 

Thank you for being here!

I'm always happy to celebrate another soul awakening to their true nature. Whether you have already tasted the freedom that comes with healing, or you are new to the path, there is always more!  Are you ready?



The Guided Journey

 Recurring Sessions For Profound Transformation.

The Guided Journey is the best way for you to maximize your growth along your path.


Pre-scheduled, regular appointments will help you reach and maintain your goals and set new ones as your capacity to experience freedom increases.

With Annie's guidance, you choose how many sessions and how often. 


You’ll have access to the variety of modalities she offers, and regular check-ins will keep you centered and focused on what will help you most as you explore your unlimited potential.


When you make this commitment to yourself, you receive Annie's services at a discounted rate!



The Process:

A La Carte Pricing:

1 Hour Session - $200

2 Hour Hypnosis Session - $400

Guided Journey Pricing:  

1 Hour Session - $180

2 Hour Hypnosis Session - $350


Work with Annie from the comfort and ease of your home.  No traffic, no rushing.  Just you, in a quiet space free of interruptions, fully relaxed for your visit with Annie over Zoom.  

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Two Options for Healing:



Visit Annie at her quiet, restorative healing space in Elkhorn, Ne. You'll feel the tranquility as you approach and the space will hold you as you sip hot tea during your session.

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If you've been thinking about it, consider it a nudge from your soul.  Let's connect.

Thanks for reaching out!

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