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Healing Modalities

Many Ways to Grow

 Annie has mastered a variety of tools to help you access your inner wisdom and healing potential.  She may incorporate one or many into each session as Spirit calls or as you request.  Read on to learn more about each individual modality. 
Energy Healing

Soul Connection Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a powerful tool for change. Accessing your subconscious reveals treasures hidden from your conscious awareness. You are fully aware and in charge while I guide you to find answers to your questions and healing for your soul.


There is no end to what you can be, how you can feel, and how much connection you can have in your relationships. We only know what we know, but there is so much more!!

Psych K

Psych K is a simple process that changes the core beliefs that hold you back. Together, we'll determine what messages lie in your subconscious, affecting how you feel, how you interact with others and what you are capable of doing and becoming.


Your true nature is that of limitless potential and is bound only by what you BELIEVE to be true about yourself and how the world works. Using a simple body crossover technique, we engage and balance the hemispheres of your brain, bringing you closer and closer to your true, unlimited potential.


Energy Healing

Ready for some soothing self care? Energy Healing can help smooth your energy to more easily operate

from your heart center.

Annie uses the art of Healing Touch to help you clear what you’re ready to release, balance your energy,

and fill with divine light.


If you're doing deep inner work, this is a great compliment, as it is deeply relaxing and aides your smooth

transition to your new reality.

Psych K
Soul Connection Hypnosis

Clarity Session

We'll discuss what's going on in your life from a higher perspective, broadening your view of your circumstances and how you can empower yourself within them. There is no end to what we can be, how we can feel, and how much connection we can have in our relationships.

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